​Ricotta means ‘boiled again’ in Italian and is equal to preventing food waste in the most delicious manner

When manufacturing cheese you end up with a big quantity of milk whey - a byproduct. From that milk whey we make a fresh, tasty, creamy ricotta - exactly like all our countrymen do all over Italy. Each region in Italy has their own special dish made with ricotta.

The process is simple but takes a lot of time. The milk whey is gently heated, hereby the remaining milk proteins rise to the surface.

From the surface the ricotta is dished up into special frames and drained for a couple of hours.

The fresh ricotta is incredibly tasty and creamy. Ricotta is perfect served as the creamy element in salty starters, in your lasagne, as topping on pizzas or as creamy filling in cakes and desserts.

photos from LA TRECCIA

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Here you can find Smiley report from the Danish Food Administration.